Denver Housing Market 2024

Around this time of year I often get one question a lot. What is the real estate market Denver Housing Market 2024 going to do? If only we had that super snazzy crystal ball right? I mean I do have a Mr Predicto on my desk. His answer was "Yes without question" when I asked him if the real estate market was going to be good this year. So, we can listen to Mr.Predicto, or we can continue to watch,...

Frederick Colorado Real Estate Market

June 2023 Frederick Colorado Real Estate Market Update is here! Every month over on my YouTube channel you will find the monthly real estate updates for the Frederick Colorado Real Estate Market. Here is a quick summary of June 2023's market update and then you will find the video at the end of the post! The average house sale in Frederick, Colorado in June was in the $530,000 range. 🏡The...

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