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Affordable Homes in Firestone Colorado

If you are looking for affordable homes in Firestone Colorado you may want to focus your search here. Located between McClure Avenue, Colorado Boulevard, Grant Avenue and Frontier Street are three neighborhoods rolled into one that are worth exploring. These affordable homes in Firestone Colorado range from $335,000 - $500,000. At the lower end of the budget you will get a smaller home that likely...

Buying Land in Colorado

If you are thinking of buying land in Colorado there are some things you should look in to. I field a lot of questions and ideas from people that are hoping to buy land and build. I find once we start digging into the ins and outs that there are a lot of unknowns. This post is all about those major things that people just don't know about. Things to know when Buying Land in Colorado 🏞️You...

Moving to Colorado - Things you should know

Moving to Colorado – You Need to Know This

So you are thinking of moving to Colorado? When I was moving to Colorado in 2012, I had spent a few days in Colorado. However, I didn't know a whole lot. That is my personality though. I am like "a new challenge" let's do it! However, after living in Colorado for over 10 years I now see all the things I would have liked to have known before moving here! Lucky you have me, so you don't have to...

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