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5 Things people forget to do when selling their home

5 Things People Forget to Do When Selling Their Home

Want buyers to make offers on your home? You need to know about these 5 Things People Forget to Do When Selling Their Home. Why These 5 Things are Important! When it comes to selling your home, you want buyers to stay right? You don't want them fleeing and running to the next house the first second they get. No that is no good. That will not help you sell your home. What you want is for...

Clark Ranch Homes for Sale

Are you looking for Clark Ranch Homes for Sale? If you are not maybe you should be! Clark Ranch is in a great location in Frederick Colorado. Close to Downtown Frederick and it's restaurants and events. It is also within walking distance of both Thunder Valley K-8 and Frederick High School. Don't forget you can quickly jog to the Carbon Valley Rec Center too or send the kids there to swim. All...

St Vrain Valley School District

St Vrain Valley School District No Snow Days

For those of us that live in Frederick, Firestone and Longmont St Vrain Valley School District news is important. Now, this is old news to most of us. However, if you are moving into the area you may want this key piece of information. St Vrain Valley School District no snow days is absolutely a thing. Yep, you read that right. During covid the district learnt that online learning worked...

Frederick Colorado Real Estate

Frederick Colorado Real Estate Aug 2023

We are not only covering Frederick Colorado Real Estate today but also neighboring towns Firestone and Dacono. We will go over most expensive homes and least expensive homes. Covering the actual stats of the market too. If you would rather skip the reading go to the bottom or click here for the YouTube rundown. Frederick Colorado Real Estate Update August 2023 (Plus Firestone and Dacono The real...

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