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Buying Land in Colorado

If you are thinking of buying land in Colorado there are some things you should look in to. I field a lot of questions and ideas from people that are hoping to buy land and build. I find once we start digging into the ins and outs that there are a lot of unknowns. This post is all about those major things that people just don't know about. Things to know when Buying Land in Colorado 🏞️You...

Moving to Colorado - Things you should know

Moving to Colorado – You Need to Know This

So you are thinking of moving to Colorado? When I was moving to Colorado in 2012, I had spent a few days in Colorado. However, I didn't know a whole lot. That is my personality though. I am like "a new challenge" let's do it! However, after living in Colorado for over 10 years I now see all the things I would have liked to have known before moving here! Lucky you have me, so you don't have to...

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