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For those of us that live in Frederick, Firestone and Longmont St Vrain Valley School District news is important. Now, this is old news to most of us. However, if you are moving into the area you may want this key piece of information. St Vrain Valley School District no snow days is absolutely a thing.

Yep, you read that right. During covid the district learnt that online learning worked sufficiently. Taking that information they decided that snow days were no longer needed.

Now this did and still does cause uproar amongst some parents. In fact, every time it snows you will read about the uproar again in local Facebook groups.

I have a child in St Vrain School District and can tell you it is minimal work on these days. Even as a highschooler. My son logs in to his classes and then does the work given by teachers or sometimes they go into group chats. He is usually back in my face by 9:30 am friends.

I am not here to rant or come at the school district. I am simply here to say that St Vrain School District no snow days are a thing and present some different options that are given. That way you can make the right choice for your family!

St Vrain Valley School District No Snow Days – Options

You have a few options here if you don’t like the sound of no snow days. Yes you can join the masses each time it gets too cold (we have had -22 on our thermometers this week) or too much snow and ice and complain on facebook. Or you can make a decision that is right for your family.

Snow Day – Want a traditional snow day. St Vrain Valley School District have made it clear you can totally call in and have a snow day. You do need to excuse your child by calling into your school. It will be a excused abcense.

Charter Schools – The charter schools in the area do take traditional snow days. They run a little differently to the St Vrain Valley calendar and most of them choose to have their snow days.

Different District – There are districts surrounding us that prefer to use late starts or full snow days rather then go online. These are Boulder Valley, Weld and Adams 12. You may have to drive your child to these schools each day but it is a option if you are looking for snow days.

Home School – Many parents in the area choose to homeschool. There are co-ops and different groups that get together to help your kids get together with other kids. This can be a great option if you like your full choices when it comes to schooling.

I believe if everyone doing what is right for there family. I hope this post gave you some clarity on the different options you have if you disagree with the no snow day calling.

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