St Vrain Greenway Trail

If you live in Longmont or are thinking of moving to Longmont, The St Vrain Greenway Trail is a God send.

St Vrain Greenway Trail

It was a warm and sunny morning and I had to drop my son off for his driving lesson in Longmont. I piled my dog into the car and we headed for Dickens Farm Open Space. We jumped on the St Vrain Greenway Trail to get our steps in.

This trail runs for 8 beautiful miles. This summer with all the moisture we have had, it is especially beautiful. The banks are running over the and river is fast!

The views from parts of the trails include stunning mountain views. You will also catch beautiful wild flowers and be close to the water the whole way.

The St Vrain Greenway Trail connects to the Left Hand Trail which means you can run, walk or bike endless miles.

The trail catches up with some great spots along the way. Thes include:

Golden Ponds, Longmont

Sandstone Ranch, Longmont

Dickens Farm Open Space, Longmont

Rogers Grove

Quick Connection to Downtown Longmont

This concrete trail really is perfect for just about anything and our dog loves to get all the sniffs, just watch out for goose poop in some areas.

There are bathrooms along the way too at most of the places mentioned above. Dickens Farm also has a bike repair section and most of the parks have water fountains. If you are by Dickens Farm you can just jump off and grab coffee at Panera Longmont, Red Frog Longmont and other restaurants in the area.

If you are looking for a great easy trail that is a short drive then this may be for you!

Here are some photos of the trail along the Dickens Park area heading West.

If you are moving to Longmont and have any questions, I would love to help!

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