Moving to Thornton

If you are moving to Thornton you will find Thornton is a growing city. There are plenty of attractions, parks, schools, and food options, making it a great place to live. If you would rather just watch the video, skip to the bottom! Note this is a summarized blog post of the more in depth video I put together.

What to Know When Moving to Thornton

  • Where is Thornton – ┬áThornton is a suburb between Denver and Longmont with easy access to major cities and attraction. It is within close reach of Denver, DIA and Boulder. The light rail can take you into Downtown Denver where you can then head into town or out to the airport.
  • ­čĆźSchools in Thornton – ┬áBe sure to research school districts on greatschools.org for more information. Thornton is divided into 3 school districts. Adams 12, 27J and Mapleton. There are plenty of options in all areas of Thornton. You will find most neighborhoods have a neighborhood elementary school. Middle and High schools are a little more spread out. For the best feel of a school visit schools and talk to staff to find the best fi., Check school district websites linked above for your options.

    There are also options like the Stem School and Gifted and Talented schools like Stargate and Westgate.
  • ­čŹöThornton Restaurants –┬áThornton offers a variety of restaurant options. Many of these are fast food like Chick-fil-A, In-N-Out Burger, and Raising Canes.

    One of my favorite places to eat is Ponsawan Thai which is off Highway 7 and I-25. You can also find other smaller restaurants like Johnny’s Italian Steakhouse or Doug’s Diner. There are plenty of Asian and Mexican options throughout the different areas of Thornton

    Looking for breweries in Thornton? Be sure to check out Satire for great bears, distilled options and yummy snack choices like different styles of bacon.

    Thornton Neighborhoods and Where to Shop for Groceries
  • ­čŚ║ Neighborhoods – There are a range of housing options in Thornton. You have old Thornton that is the original Thornton neighborhood. This mainly has brick ranch homes that were built in the 1950’s – 1970’s. These start in the high $300,000s to mid $400,000s. They generally have bigger yards and no HOA.

    Thornton then switches to homes built in the 1990’s to Early 2000’s with some new builds thrown in here and there. These homes from around 104th – 136th range in price from high $400,000s to the $600.000s. There is a mix of HOA and non HOA neighborhoods.

    136th and North were mostly built in the early 2000’s and onwards. Many of these neighborhoods are in the $600,000 range and up.

    You will find most of the new neighborhoods East of the City bordering with Brighton and these start in the 600,000s and go up from there.
  • ­čĆí┬áThornton offers a variety of grocery stores. These include Sprouts, Target, Costco, Kings Soopers, Safeway and some smaller locally owned options.

    If you are moving to Thornton and need more information I would love to help! You can easily contact me at info@haleybartlett.com

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