Moving to Northglenn Colorado?

Northglenn Colorado

Moving to Northglenn Colorado and wondering if it is a good place to live? If you like to read your information, keep digesting friend. If you prefer a video scroll to the bottom for a in depth map tour of Northglenn Colorado.

This post will highlight some of the top features of Northglenn Colorado. From population to school options we have you covered.

Why move to Northglenn Colorado?

Northglenn is located on the North side of Denver Colorado. It is a easy 15 minute commute from downtown Denver. Making it a great choice if you are looking for a more affordable housing option. You can also get to DIA and Boulder easily.

Northglenn’s populations is right around 33,000 people.

For a smaller area Northglenn has plenty of fun things to do. From go karts and bowling at Boondocks to enjoying swimming and recreating at the new Northglenn Recreational Center.

If you love town events, Northglenn holds many fun events throughout the year. Some of the favorites include The Pirate Festival, Highline Canal Clean Up and Movie Nights throughout the Summer.

Northglenn has plenty of great food options too and is located next to Thornton and Westminster providing even more entertainment options.

Moving to Northglenn Colorado? Check these parks out!

One of the most popular parks in Northglenn is E.B Rains park. Located on the East side of Interstate 25, this park has a ton to offer. From splash pads and paddle boats in the summer to playgrounds and walking trails year round. My son also tells me it is a good place to catch Pokemon. There is also a small skate park within E.B Rains. The location is near restaurants in case you work up a appetite,

There are other great neighborhood parks dotted throughout Northglenn. Northwest Open Space is a good place to get steps in, just watch out for the Coyotes. Charles C Winburn Park has a pond, art installations and walking trails.

Schools in Northglenn Colorado

If you have school aged children you may be wondering about schools. Northglenn schools are located in the Adams 12 Five Star School District. This district offers many different education options. From STEM schools to schools that focus on the arts. The great thing is if there is space in certain schools they are opened up towards the end of the year for choice. You can go into the lottery to earn a place at these choice schools.

There are also some great charter school options in and around Northglenn. These include options for Gifted and Talented Kids such as Stargate school in Thornton.

There are several elementary options throughout the different neighborhoods and a middle and high school on the West side of I-25.

Homes for Sale in Northglenn Colorado

As of the beginning of 2024 Northglenn offers a variety of options. Townhomes and condos start at $275,000 moving up to the $500,000 mark. Single Family Homes start at $450,000 for a older smaller home and can head into the $700,000 range dependent on size and location.

You will find that Northglenn is generally more affordable then North Thornton, Westminster and Downtown Denver.

If you are looking for more information on moving to Northglenn Colorado or homes for sale in Northglenn, Let’s chat! You can email me at info@haleybartlett.com.

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