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i am here to lessen some of that anxiety when moving to Colorado!

Moving to Colorado can be tough. Actually, moving anywhere can be hard.  I have moved from country to country and state to state. I know the anxiety that can exist around making a move to a different country, state and city.  I am here to lesson some of that anxiety and help you feel comfortable deciding where to live when moving go Colorado, especially the Denver Colorado and Northern Colorado Corridor.

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‘Haley was so helpful and available when we needed her. She did an excellent job helping us to find our home. She goes above and beyond with fine details and making you feel more than just a client to her. Hands down I would recommend her to anyone.’

– Kim Bates – Moving to colorado from south carolina

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We will meet via zoom and talk about your goals for relocating to Denver.

Exploring Areas

After our initial consult I will help you explore local areas that fit your needs and wants. From virtual information to exploration tours.


From helping you find an agent to help sell your home out of state to helping you find a good moving company. I am here to offer my advice and knowledge.

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Jumping into the buying process. Check out the buy page for the next steps of the process when moving to Denver.

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We get you settled and I help connect you to people in the community so you can settle in faster and start enjoying life in Colorado.

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Start exploring Denver real estate here.  Get an idea of prices and areas in a free no obligation property search.  Properties will come straight to your inbox and if you have questions, you can get them easily answered by me!

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About Relocating From Out of State

Want to learn more about moving to Colorado and surrounding areas check out more information here!

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About Moving to Denver?

Let’s start with Winter because that is the season people worry about the most.  We can have very snowy winters where it snows once a week and then we can have much drier winters where snowfall is not as prevalant. Be preparted to do some winter driving no matter what the Winter looks like. Good thing is we do get breaks where we will get sunny 50 – 60 degree days. Spring, there is a rule here, don’t plant until after Mothers Day and that is because we can get snow into June some years.  Spring does start to warm up and watching the green come back is always so nice. You can expect weather in the 50’s-70’s in general.  Summer is hot.  We have a dry heat here,so very little humidity.  This means you can find relief in the shade pretty easily.  Sunscreen and plenty of water are a must and if you need a break just head to the mountains.  Falls can be beautiful with lots of yellows and some reds. Temperatures start to cool off but are usually still in the 60’s – 80’s range.  That is until it decides to snow one day in October.

Affordability will be different for everyone.  That is why it is a good idea for us to jump on a discovery call and go over your unique situation.  For a general guide. Here is a video I put together on the cost of living in Denver.

The answer to this one changes with the seasons. We have a cycle here in Denver where our Spring market which is our busiest market heats up in February.  This lasts Until early May then we cool off a little.  We are usually pretty quiet through June – August then have a little boost again in September and October.  As of right now the Denver Metro average price is $635,000.  You can find more affordable homes the further you go away from Denver. 

The best place for you to live will be unique to your lifestyle.  Do you have kids, do you like to hike and be closer to the mountains, how much can you afford, what will your commute look like. There are many questions I like to ask to help narrow down where the best places for you to explore will be.  It can seem overwhelming with so many choices.  Denver is huge but we can break it down to North Denver, South Denver, West Denver, East Denver and then Denver City.  You can also go a little further from downtown up North or out East if affordability is a top priority for you.  I will help you narrow this down so you can focus on the places that will resonate with you!

Moving to a new town/city can be daunting.  I did it by myself the first time and then with a four-year-old the second time.  My best advice is to treat it like a great adventure.  Once you get to Colorado, start finding favorite places.  A favorite coffee shop can be a great place to hang out and feel a little like home.  Explore the area you are moving too like a tourist would, get to know it intimately. Join local groups and clubs around your hobbies and interests.  There are so many ways you can integrate yourself into your new life faster so that you don’t feel as lonely.

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