Lyons Colorado

Lyons Colorado is a great little town tucked away at the bottom of the mountains. With right around 2200 people living there, it definitely has that small town field.

Located just 10 minutes from Longmont and all it’s big box stores, Lyons Colorado is a refreshing town. Local businesses thrive there including distilleries, restaurants and breweries. There are also air b&b’s for your family to stay at.

Another great thing about Lyons is that it is less then 30 minutes from Rocky Mountain National Park from Estes Park.

Things to Do in Lyons Colorado

  • 🍺Oscar Blues is a favorite restaurant, known for its delicious fish and chips, making it a must-visit spot in Lyons.
  • 🌲There are a lot of parks, trails and open spaces to enjoy. Laverne M Johnson park is one of the favorites in the area. You can tube in summer, camp there and enjoy concerts. It also has agreat nature based playground
  • 🏠The town of Lyons offers plenty of hotels and unique accommodations, such as the weCasa Tiny House Resort, for visitors to stay in.
  • 🍸Spirit Hound distillery offers a variety of drinks and spirits, making it a must-visit spot in Lyons.
  • 🔍Downtown Lyons offers many restaurants, a pinball parlor, coffee shops and brewery.
  • 💰The river is ever present throughout the town and there are plenty of spots to relax and enjoy the sites and sounds.
  • 🌄Take in the fresh air and mountain views.

Living Here in Lyons

If you are thinking of living in Lyons you are one of the lucky ones. Lyons is a beautiful place to live. However, housing options can be scarce within the town. There are not a whole lot of new neighborhoods going up.

You will find a lot of cottages or cabin style homes. Cottages tend to be along the river. You should know that the river has flooded quite badly in the past so you will want to watch out for flood damage, flood insurance costs and if the home is on flat ground.

Cabins tend to be in the more tree covered mountainous areas. They range from 1 bedrooms with outhouses to million dollar properties overlooking the town.

Pricing as of now in December 2023 starts from $185,000 and goes up to 2.5 million for a 50 acre property with a beautiful 3 bedroom cabin.

Lyons has a preschool, a elementary school and a middle/senior school. There are also options in Hygiene, Longmont and other surrounding areas, it will just mean a drive.

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