Longmont Realtor – What to Expect from Yours

I am sure you have seen lists out there about what to look for in a Longmont realtor. A realtor might even print you off a 100 things list. However, what they may not talk about is how they stay on top of their game. You can get a license and then do nothing with it. The best Realtor’s in Longmont however are constantly learning and growing.

Longmont Realtor - What you should expect

How a Longmont Realtor Can Stay on Top of Their Game

Here are some things your realtor should be doing so that you know they are up to date on their skills and knowledge.

Continuing Education – There are a ton of courses out there that realtors can take. From legal updates to learning how to negotiate better. Your realtor should be invested in upping their skills. All realtors have to get a certain amount of credits each year. That really is minimal though. Choose a realtor that is investing regular time in education.

Conferences and Webinars – Hearing from and engaging with experts in the real estate field can keep skills sharp. It can also help your agent build a network of other realtors around the country. This is good news if you plan on moving around the country at any time. If your realtor is well connected it can make the journey easier.

Podcasts, Books and Videos – People around town will often see me walking my dog with headphones in. I am listening to real estate podcasts 70% of the time. The rest is health and fitness stuff. Your Longmont realtor can learn so much to listening from other realtors experiences. Podcasts, books and videos can help to gain new skills that they can then use within their business.

Participating in Realtor Social Media Groups – This one is in line with all of the above. Learning from other agents, networking and asking questions where peers can help all add to a realtors skill and knowledge set.

Choosing a Realtor

If you are looking for a Longmont realtor I would love to be considered. I prioritize all of the above in my business to make sure I am providing my clients with the best! If you don’t choose me and you go with another agent be sure to check they are staying brushed up in their skills and present within the real estate world!

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