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 A home can be our comfort, our shelter and our safe place. It can be that for you until it no longer fits.  Then it can become wealth as you either take the equity you have built and buy a new property or you keep the property and use the equity to buy another. Real estate can help you build wealth for you and your family!


The Build a Better Future System

Our unique Longmont real estate system is set up to help you make the wise choices when it comes to buying and selling real estate in Longmont and surrounding areas.  Our system educates you at every turn so that you feel confident in the real estate decisions you are making whether you are buying, selling or moving to Colorado from out of state!

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Here's How We Can Work Together

When you are ready to let me help you build a better future for you and yours here is how we can work together!


We will help you choose the right home that you love right now but will also help you grow your equity!


 We will discuss your future needs and dreams and help make a plan to get you there!


We will empower you to feel comfortable moving to Colorado. Helping you choose the right location.


Our home buying experience with Haley was absolutely seamless. We only saw five house in one weekend, and made an offer on one the same day. Haley understood our needs and where we were as a family from our first meeting. She was our advocate through the whole experience. Haley knows her stuff! Would highly recommend.

‒ Morgan Mills

Haley Bartlett in Frederick Colorado

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Are you ready to build a better future for you and yours? Let’s jump on a discovery call.  We will talk about your unique goals and set a plan to get you where you want to be. Whether it is your first home, an investment property, moving on up or moving to Colorado our system will help you get a plan in place. Book Your Call/Zoom Today!

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