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Longmont, Colorado

The City of Longmont is centrally located between North Denver and Fort Collins.  The Downtown Longmont area provides residents with a central place to meet, dine and celebrate all that Longmont Colorado has to offer. Parades, events, band competitions and art walks continue to give Longmont the feel of a smaller city as it grows and stretches. Located across two counties, Weld County and Boulder County, Longmont offers a variety of neighborhoods and lifestyle choices!

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Location of Longmont, Colorado

Longmont is Located close to Both I-25 and the Diagonal Highway. It offers quick access to Boulder with a more affordable price tag.  It is around 40 minutes from Downtown Denver and 30 minutes from Fort Collins. It is located West of I-25 and gives easy access to Rocky Mountain National Park.

Why You'll LOVE it:

Why You'll HATE it:

Reason 1

The old Downtown Area is the Place to Be.

Reason 1

Traffic has Gotten Busier.

Reason 2

Parades and Events Throughout the Year.

Reason 2

The Train Tracks.

Reason 3

Restaurants and Breweries Galore.

Reason 3

It is a Growing City.

Reason 4

Housing is More Affordable than Boulder.

Reason 4

Housing is More Expensive Then Some Surrounding Areas.

Reason 5

The Outdoor Lifestyle.

Reason 5

Too many Breweries for Some Peoples Liking

Home Styles In Longmont, Colorado

Looking to buy a home in Longmont, Colorado.  There is a wide array of home choices. From the downtown Longmont Historical Homes to brand new neighborhoods going in.  You can choose a style of home that will suite your needs. Longmont recently also had some Wee Cassa home’s built which are low maintenance smaller detached homes. 


Historical Homes Longmont

Longmont has Two Designated Historical Districts on the East and West side of Downtown. The earliest buildings date back to 1869.  From Grand historical homes to smaller cottages, Longmont has around 185 designated homes in the National Register.


Golf Course Homes Longmont

If you are looking to buy golf course homes in Longmont, you are in luck! Neighborhoods surround both the Ute Creek Golf Course and Twin Peaks Golf Course.  Both Longmont golf courses offer homes on the courses that vary from condos to large single family homes.


Acreage Homes Longmont

If you are looking for Longmont homes for sale with acreages, some of these do still exist. In all directions you can still find some farmland with farm homes on them.  If you are looking for a more maintainable acre or two just to gain a little space, neighborhoods like East County or Goose Point Ranch may have just what you need!


Longmont Has a long list of options when it comes to school choices.  Here are just a few of those options.  I couldn’t fit them all on this page!

Advanced Placement and College Level Classes are just two options your teens will have at Longmont High.  There is also a full marching band program, Medical and Bio Science Academy and Business School. GET MORE INFO HERE

Grades 6 -8, Altona Middle School on the SW side of Longmont has been recognized as one of the trailblazers schoosl to watch. A main focus is put on blending Core, Enrichment and Extracurricular activities for a well-rounded student.  ALTONA MIDDLE SCHOOL PAGE

This Longmont charter school opened it’s doors in 2005.  It speaks about it’s smaller class sizes with the average being 23 kids.  It also focuses on offering over 15 extracurricular activities.  FLAGSTAFF CHARTER ACADEMY WEBSITE

Rocky Mountain Elementary is a STEM focused school in Longmont. Along with their Stem focus they also offer biliteracy learning. ROCKY MOUNTAIN ELEMENTARY WEBSITE

Spiritually focused Longmont Christian School promotes themselves as Academically Strong, Spiritually Deep and Prepared for Life.  This is a Longmont K-8 Christian School. LONGMONT CHRISTIAN SCHOOL WEBSITE.

Places of Interest

There are plenty of Things to do in Longmont. Here are 5 Places in Longmont to check out.

From Historical Church buildings to outstanding restaurants. Donwtown Longmont is a great place to play and shop. CLICK HERE

A true gem on the East side of Longmont. Walking, Birdwatching, Fishing, Camping are all part of the fun. CLICK HERE

Picnics, Kayaking, Walking and Fun with Your Pooch at the Dog Beach are all a great way to enjoy Union Reservoir.  CLICK HERE

If you are looking to get your sweat on, Head to Rabbit Mountain Open Space for a straight up hike. Great place to spot deer and other wildlife without having to drive for hours. CLICK HERE

Looking for shopping, restaurants and activities?  Village at the Peaks on the West side of Longmont is where it all happens. CLICK HERE

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