Wondering why you would want to live in Longmont.  This blog post is for you! If you prefer not to read go ahead and click on the video link and check out the video covering Longmont Colorado 5 Best Things 

Everybody has different thoughts about what the best things about Longmont Colorado are.  I have compiled some of the best things about the area for you so you don’t have to run around asking everyone about Longmont Colorado Best Things.

Five best Things about Longmont CO

  1.  Outdoor Lifestyle – Longmont Colorado provides a great outdoor lifestyle. This is especially true in the warmer months.  Parks, bike baths, lakes and plenty of green space lead to a great outdoor lifestyle.  If you love hiking, biking, swimming, SUPing or just being outdoors, Longmont CO can be a great choice.


2. Parades and Events – Longmont Colorado has plenty of fun activities. I love, love, love the parades. One of my favorite is the Longmont Halloween Parade. Anyone can join in and it is so fun to watch.

3. Longmont Breweries – Longmont has so many breweries.  So many that it is hard to say which ones are my favorites.  But I will try.  I love Wibby Brewing, dog’s are allowed inside and their outside area is huge.  Left Hand Brewing is great in warmer weather when their big yard is open. 300 suns brewing has some of the yummiest dark beers. I would say these are just a few of my favorites.

4. Lower Housing Costs – Now if you are coming from out of area you may think I am crazy right now.  However, if you are looking in Boulder County then you realize that Longmont is nearly half the price of Boulder yet can only be a 10 – 1 5 minute drive from Boulder. 

5. Proximity – Longmont has great proximity to Boulder, Denver, Fort Collins and all the areas in between.  It is also less than an hour to the Amazing Rocky Mountain National Park. 


Longmont is a great place to live with plenty to do and a great lifestyle to be had,

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