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Need a Longmont CO Realtor to help sell your home? The number one thing I hear from sellers is that they want the most for their home they can get! Believe me, I want that for you too.  I also want to balance your other needs.  I have had sellers need to move out of state quickly, need to sell to buy their next step up and need to sell so they can move that money to another investment.  My aim is to meet your utmost need’s for selling, including getting the most possible.

Here’s what they had to say…

“I would highly recommend Haley based on our excellent experience selling our home with her. She communicates very well, is friendly, and motivated to do her best for her clients. I had to move quickly for my work and she did a great job supporting us through the sale of our home, especially since I was out of state for most of it. She made sure the whole process moved forward seamlessly and we are very happy with our results. Would highly recommend if you are looking for a great realtor.”

– Tyler Ottem (seller)

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Lets Meet

I need to see and experience your home so that we can start the selling process. We will discuss condition, price and the current market.


We will clean, declutter, fix and stage your home so that it is looking its absolute best.  We want buyers to have a great experience!

Marketing PlanI

I will provide you with a complete marketing plan for your home. You will know exactly what I am going to do to sell your home!

Professional Imagery

I hire a professional photographer/videographer/drone photographer for your home. Who I hire depends on your marketing plan!

Let's Hit the Market

It is time for your home to go on market. Your marketing plan will go into full effect. It's my job to bring you buyers!

Must-Have Guide!

A Longmont CO Realtor Guide to Selling Your Home for the Most Money

Your room to room guide to preparing your home so that you can get the most money possible! Written by a Longmont Co Realtor with over 8 years of experience helping homeowners prep their home. You need this guide!

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What makes working with me different?

Set Up a No Obligation
Home Evaluation

Not quite ready to sell but would like to know how much your home is worth?

I offer free home evaluations including giving you ideas for upgrades/updates that may help you up your home’s value.

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About Selling Real Estate

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About Selling Real Estate in Happyville?

OfCourse you could absolutely sell your home just as it is.  In fact, some of my clients have been able to do just that. The majority though need to make a few tweaks to make sure their home stands out in the minds of the buyers. There may also be things like major health and safety issues that buyers will want addressed.  If you know about those it is best to get them fixed before going on the market.  Preparing your home the right way will get you more money, it just depends on what your goals are!

Once I have walked through your home I will come back to my office and work out a fair market value.  This market value will keep in mind that we need to position your home in the best way possible to get great offers. Sometimes my market value doesn’t line up what you think you should get for your home.  I will show you comparable properties and give you a full explanation on why I think we should price your home at a certain number.  If you still disagree after that we can see how far apart we are and negotiate our next steps.

Staging your Frederick Colorado home (or any home) is often more important than sellers feel it should be.  You have lived in your home and have it styled and working the way you like it. However, everyone has different tastes. We want to appeal to as many buyers as we can. Staging helps with this.  By styling your home, staging certain rooms and helping it to appeal to more of the buyer pool you will get more for your home!

Hey, it’s a free world and you absolutely could have the discount guy sell your Dacono Colorado home. Here is the thing though. If you are trying to save a buck by using the cheap guy, you want to make sure you aren’t losing out on your bottom line.  Homes that are sold using cell phone photos, unprepared and not marketed property sell for less! That has been proven over and over again.  So why you may save a few thousand paying the realtor you are losing 10’s of thousands on your home.  Doesn’t really add up in the end!

Now, in the days of Covid we were able to sell some houses sight unseen. Believe me that was crazy! Back to more normal times though and buyers need to step inside the front door and experience your home. Now by using marketing like floor plans and video walkthroughs we can certainly eliminate some of those time wasters. Serious buyers will need to be able to walk through your home and see themselves living in it.

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