Living in Broomfield Colorado

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Living in Broomfield Colorado

Where is Broomfield Located

Broomfield is actually a prime location. It is N to NW of Denver with easy access to I-25, Hwy 36 and the Toll Road. This means you can get to Downtown Denver in around 20 minutes, Downtown Boulder in around 15 minutes (depending which side of Broomfield you live) and out to DIA in about 30 minutes (maybe quicker on the toll road).

Broomfield enjoys beautiful mountain views throughout the city and lots of open green spaces and trails. It also provides easy enough access to the mountains for hiking, skiing, snowshoeing.

What is There to Do in Broomfield?

Aside from those green spaces, trails and parks I mentioned above there are a few fun places in Broomfield where people tend to hang out.

  • Broomfield Bay – This is the perfect summer hang out. Water slides including a tube slide, multiple pools, a splash pad and toddler section make this the place to cool off in the Summer.
  • Flatirons Crossing – Like to shop or still enjoy hanging out a mall? Flatirons Crossing is a large indoor mall located on the west side of Broomfield. Restaurants, well known brands and fun activities throughout the year can all be found here.
  • Butterfly Pavilion – Although a Westminster address the Butterfly Pavilion is right on the edge of the Broomfield/Westminster border and is slated to move to NE Broomfield soon. This is a great place to get some humid air, have some butterfly friends land on you or hold Rosie the Tarantula.
  • Paul Derda Rec Center – The Paul Derda Rec Center provides great recreational opportunities for all ages. From the large slide and lazy river to a rock-climbing wall and indoor playground, no matter the weather it is fun to be here. You can also use the gym or take all kinds of workout classes.

While Broomfield does not have a central downtown area they have been attempting to bring that feel more. Restaurants and shopping is spread throughout the city in several different areas.

Schools in Broomfield Colorado

Broomfield is split between two main school districts. These are Boulder County School District and Adams 12 5 Star School District. As an agent I can’t give specific advice on which schools are best. Both of these districts have different school calendar options.

Boulder County School District is open enrollment. This means as long as there is space in a school and you live in county boundary you can enroll in any school in the District.

Adams 12 Five Star Schools are not open enrollment however they do put certain schools up for choice enrollment which is a lottery process.

In general, there is a good number of choices in Broomfield. These include public schools, charter schools, private schools and religious based private schools.

You can get a better idea HERE on the schools and other details about Broomfield.

Cost of Housing in Broomfield

Broomfield is one of the more expensive suburbs in this area. This is due to its proximity to Boulder, the mountains and it’s reputation in general.

Check out the video below for a full rundown on the cost of housing in Broomfield but as of right now in March 2024 the average home price in Broomfield is $568,000. This is for a 3 bedroom, 2 bathroom single family home.

If you are looking at a townhome or condo for sale in Broomfield the average price will be right around $430,000.

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