List Your Frederick Home or Love it?

You know this game right? The similar sounding HGTV show has been around for years. However, today we are not doing a full makeover on your Frederick home before you decide what to do. I’m sorry.

So why play this little game today. Well, I often talk to clients who just aren’t sure if they want to sell their home or not. Now I’m not one of those agents that are going to tell you to sell just to make money. I have to sleep at night. However, I do know plenty of people out there that just don’t love or even like their home.

The answer to whether you will list it or love it will be unique to you. Everyone is different. With that said…….

Your Denver Home, List it or Love it?
Your Aussie Agent


I am going to ask some questions about your Frederick home so that you can think about your current home and how it is working for you every day.

Does your floor plan work well for the way you live your life every day?

  • Is your kitchen big enough and does it work with your style of entertaining?
  • Does your yard work for the dogs and kids?
  • Are the bedrooms on the right floor?
  • Would you feel better in a more open floor plan or would you like rooms to be separated?

You can update functional spaces but changing a floor plan is much harder!

Is the area you are living in working with your lifestyle?

  • Is your commute manageable?
  • Is it still safe enough to feel comfortable walking around or getting into your home at night?
  • Are the schools you need close by ?
  • Are their trails you can walk/ride on?
  • Are the kid’s activities close, can you walk to your favorite brewery or coffee shop?

Think about those things you do often and enjoy doing and is your current house allowing you to bring joy into your life by doing those things!

Do you breathe easier when you walk into your home?

This one is more of a feeling thing. I love my home. Walking into it gives me comfort. It’s nothing fancy but it suits our family and our lifestyle. Notice how your home makes you feel when you walk into it. Are their things you can easily change to help you to feel calm in your spaces.

Do you have the right amount of space?

The right amount of space is different for everyone! Some of you have 4 kids, some have 1, and some of you have none. Some of us have bigger dogs, smaller dogs, some of us are transitioning to empty nesters. Maybe there is a basement you can finish to gain that extra space or maybe it’s just tight quarters and you are already doing the best with the space you have. Having the right amount of space or space that is flexible and grows (or shrinks) with you can make life better.

Would a few minor updates make your home a 8/10?

Are their things you could easily change that would make your home more livable for you.

  • Could you add some fresh paint?
  • Would some new flooring helps?
  • How about landscaping the yard so it works better for you?
  • Would painting the outside make it a whole lot cheerier when you get home each time?

Think about whether some minor updates would make your home a better space for you to live in. If it’s feasible to do them then maybe that is the better choice over listing your home. However, if there are major things that you can’t change then listing it and finding what you want/need may be the better answer.


Ok, so you don’t have to choose right now on the spot. There are so many more things I can help you dig into about your Frederick home to see what your best next steps are. If you answered yes to most of these questions, then you probably choose to love your home! If the no’s outweighed the yes’s you may be already looking around to see if that let’s love it home is out there! 

Need help with your next steps, I would love to chat with you, shoot me an email at haley@youraussieagent.com or get on my calendar today.

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