Golf Course Homes Frederick Colorado

Looking for golf course homes Frederick Colorado?

While there is only one golf course in Frederick Colorado the good news is there is a neighborhood that backs right up to this golf course. The golf course Bella Rosa is also located right next to Milavek Reservoir so some of these homes also have water glimpses 😉

Where are the Golf Course Homes Frederick Colorado

So where do you find these golf course homes in Frederick?

The neighborhood you are looking for is Moore Farms in Frederick. Moore Farms holds the only row of homes that back up to Bella Rosa golf course. These are nice sized homes with mostly fenced yards backing up to the golf course in Frederick.

These homes were built in the early 2000’s and many of them do need some updating, especially if you want to come out of 2006 and into the 2020’s. Saying that, the floor plans in this home can be grand for the local area. With spiral staircases and huge windows over multiple levels they certainly take advantage of the golf course views in Frederick Colorado.

Here is an example of a home that was on the market that backed up to the Bella Rosa Golf course. This one was listed in August of 2023 by realtor James Danzl with ReMax Traditions.

Moore Farm Neighborhood – The Frederick Colorado Golf Course Neighborhood

If you are looking for those golf course homes in Frederick then you will be looking at Moore Farm. They have homes backing right up to the golf course. If you are not all in for that then there are very nice homes 1-5 streets back from the golf course.

The other great things about the Moore Farm Neighborhood include:

  • Firstly, A swimming pool. Yep it is one of the few neighborhoods in Frederick CO with a community pool.
  • Secondly, Access to great trails. These can be found all around the neighborhood
  • Milavek Lake/Reservoir. You can get straight on the trails to walk around the reservoir.
  • Safeway Firestone. A five minute walk to grab those groceries.
  • Beautiful homes. The neighborhood is made up of well cared for homes with plenty of room.

The HOA fees for Moore Farm are very fair for a swimming pool community in Frederick. as of the time of writing they are $174 a quarter. Property Taxes will vary but range from $3000 – $4000 a year based on the size and value of the home.

What You Can Expect to Pay for Golf Course Homes in Frederick Colorado

When it comes to pricing it will vary on the size of home, location in the neighborhood and how many updates the home has.

Here are examples of recently sold homes in Moore Farm

8706 Wild Horse Way Frederick CO 80504 – Sold for $781,450 in December 2022. Backed up to the golf course, not really updated throughout. 5 Beds, 4 Baths.

8807 Welsh Lane Frederick CO 80504 – Sold for $639,900 in September 2022. One street back from the golf course. Had some updates throughout – 3 Bedrooms, 2 Bathrooms.

8725 Triple Crown Drive Frederick CO 80504 – Sold for $700,000 in August 2023. Some updates. Backed up to the trail in the neighborhood. About 5 blocks back from the golf course. 5 Bedrooms and 3 bathrooms.

Depending on when you are looking to buy a home on Bella Rosa Golf Course homes may be more or less the the listings above sold for.

Golf Course Views Frederick Colorado

Here are a couple of the views you might expect if you are buying a home on a golf course in Frederick Colorado.

One of the negatives of buying a home on a golf course is the balls. You will want to check what holes are nearest to your home and what direction people are usually hitting. Be sure to have the highest quality windows you can have too!

If you are thinking of buying golf course homes Frederick Colorado, I would love to help you choose the right one for you!

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