Frederick Colorado Real Estate Aug 2023

Frederick Colorado Real Estate

We are not only covering Frederick Colorado Real Estate today but also neighboring towns Firestone and Dacono. We will go over most expensive homes and least expensive homes. Covering the actual stats of the market too. If you would rather skip the reading go to the bottom or click here for the YouTube rundown.

Frederick Colorado Real Estate Update August 2023 (Plus Firestone and Dacono

The real estate market in Frederick, Colorado is experiencing a slowdown, with longer selling times and increased negotiating power for buyers.

  • 💰The most expensive home in Frederick, Colorado sold for $974,000, while the cheapest being a townhouse sold for $410,000.
  • 💰The most expensive house in Firestone, Colorado sold for $900,000 because it was located on water with mountain views, while the least expensive house was a townhouse that sold for $444,000.
  • 💰In Dacono A ranch with a finished basement and a detached garage sold for the highest price at $1,178,000. A poorly maintained manufactured home sold for the lowest price at $222,000. It only took 3 days to sell the cheapest home in Dacono. A home that needed a lot of work.

    Frederick Colorado Real Estate Stats – August 2023
  • 🏠 The Frederick, Colorado real estate market has slowed down, with houses taking longer to sell and buyers having more negotiating power. The average days on market for Frederick was 41. That was up month over month by 11 days and year over year 22 days.
  • 💰The average sale price in the Frederick Colorado real estate market for August 2023 was $528,021.

    Firestone Colorado Real Estate Stats – August 2023
  • 🏠In Firestone homes spent an average of 32 days on the market.
  • 💰The average sale price in Firestone for August 2023 was $592,827, up from previous months and year over year, while the months of inventory increased by one month compared to last year.

    Dacono Colorado Real Estate Stats – August 2023
  • 🏡The average days on the market in Dacono, Colorado increased to 63 in August.
  • 💰The average sale price rose to $553,251, indicating potential opportunities for homebuyers in the area with a 3-month inventory. 

To wrap up the Frederick Colorado Real Estate Market along with the surrounding areas. The market is sitting at 3 months inventory. This means it is still a sellers market. It takes around 6 months of inventory to switch to a buyers market. Saying that we are feeling that buyers have more power then they have had in years when it comes to negotiating.

If you are looking to buy a home in Frederick Colorado or surrounding areas, let’s chat!

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