Frederick Colorado Housing Prices

Frederick Home Prices

I figured it best be time again to do a Frederick Colorado Housing Prices update. A bit has changed since 2023. We thought 2023 was a market normalizing but this year has really showed us how to normalize. Not just across the Denver metro housing market either. Frederick, Firestone and Dacono are all having their normal moments too.

So what is happening in Frederick Colorado and what does it mean for you if you are buying or selling a home.

I got graphs and info for you that is actual facts of what is happening in the market. Not just something I am pulling from my magic hat.

Frederick Colorado How Long Does it Take to Sell a House

Days on market is a important one. It is a predictor of how long your house may sit on the market before a buyer comes along. It is also a predictor if your home is overpriced and if you will need to price competetively.

This little graph below shoes what has been happening in the market in the past year. Basically days on market have gone up. Since we are not at the end of June yet, June numbers will change. I believe the average days on market will be higher.

Why do I say this? I have a print out sitting in front of me right now showing homes on the market and I am seeing days on market at 47, 83, 12, 57, 75 and the random ones that sell quickly. However, 80% of the market is sitting longer then it has in quite a while.

You will see this graph showing that last May on average we were sitting at around 27 days on market, this has nearly doubled and we were at 47 in May 2024. I do expect this to rise a little more with the June stats.

What is the average price of a home in Frederick Colorado

The average price of home in Frederick Colorado right now is sitting around $572,000 while the median is at $538,750. Last may these numbers look like this, average May 2023 $557,124 and the median $540,000. Looking at the median you can see a slight drop off in home prices. Working and living in Frederick I am going to agree with the median on this one in what we are seeing. We are either completely stable or a little lower when it comes to what homes are contracting and selling for.

Months of Inventory in Frederick Colorado and Why it Matters

When it comes to what kind of market we are in buyer vs seller months of inventory matter. Months of inventory is basically how long it would take to sell all the homes on the market right now. As we see rises in this we feel it in the market. So where are we at and how is it effecting Frederick Colorado housing prices?

Our months of inventory in May 2024 is at 2.9 months of inventory. It was climbing in May of 2023 but was at 2.1 months. They say you have to have 6 months for it to flip to a buyers market. As you can see though our sellers market is evening out and nudging more towards that buyers side.

As a buyer you can take your time, negotiate more and have more options. As a seller you home needs to be on point on price and condition to sell quickly. Otherwise you will sit on the market and eventually end up decreasing your price or with lowball offers.

This little dial from rocket mortgage (who I wouldn’t suggest to use as a lender) is quite useful in giving a visual as to where we are. Climbing towards that neutral market.

How to Win in the Frederick Real Estate Market

Buyers – As mentioned above, it is time to negotiate. You have a more leisurely pace at which you can shop for homes for. You can ask for help with your interest rate buydowns so those rates don’t kill your budget. You can negotiate on price and inspection items.

Sellers – You need to really have your home looking it’s best. No more throwing it on the market and getting top dollar. We are back to sellers having to work for it. Staging, preparation, touch ups, decluttering and dealing with issues like soiled carpets are all going to help you sell faster and for more money. Pricing high because buyers might negotiate is not working in this market. I have let a couple of sellers do it because they wanted too and it is not working to their advantage. So price competitively to get more, overprice to get less.

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