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My aim for all of my clients including those looking for Frederick Colorado Homes for Sale, is to educate you so that you feel confident in the real estate decisions you make.  From educating you about the process to helping you dig in and discover what your future goals are, I am here to help you find the right home for now while building your ideal future.

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Allison Kennedy


“Haley is an amazing real estate agent and quite frankly, part time therapist. I’ve given her a difficult situation and not only has she risen to the task, she has stayed cool, calm and collected, all while keeping me sane. She provides you with all the information you need and will not throw BS your way by lying to you. She is hard working, quick to respond and will go to bat for you. Haley is the agent you want in your corner when it comes to real estate! ❤️ 10/10 would recommend!”

how it works...


Needs Vs Wants

Coming up with a Needs vs Wants List for your new home or investment can help bring clarity prior to starting your home search.


We will work with a lender to find out what your monthly payment will look like vs how much you spend on a home. I can recommend great lenders.

Discovery Session

We will meet and talk about your future goals, your financial needs and what you want in a home right now.

Showing Time

Now that we know what you need and how much you can afford, it's time to get out and look at the right homes to meet your needs!

Offer Time

You have found the right home and now it is time to write a offer! I will guide and walk you through the process of making the right offer.

Under Contract

You are under contract! My unique process means you will know what is happening every step of the way from inspection to closing day.

Closing Time

It is time to get the keys to your home. You will sign paperwork, bring your funds and will own your home starting today!



When looking for Frederick Colorado Homes for Sale this guide will become invaluable. After 7 Days you will feel confident in knowing what to do next when it comes to buying a home. Sign up for the 7 Day Email Course Here!

Frederick Colorado Homes for Sale

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Set Up a No Obligation
property Search

You can set up a search to see what is out there. Whether you are looking for townhomes for sale in Frederick CO or you are looking for single family homes for sale in Thornton Colorado, you can set up a search here.  No obligations, I won’t be hounding you to buy from me. That’s not fun for anyone!

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Got Questions?

About Buying Real Estate in Frederick Colorado?

Anybody that lived through the 2008 real estate crash (me) knows the honest answer to this.  Yes, a Frederick or Longmont home can depreciate in value.  The good news is that 2008 was an anomaly in that the crash was based around the real estate market, this is why some homeowners took a hit. In general, even through financial downturns your Longmont home will still be growing in value.   Having a great realtor partner can help guide you through the ups and downs of the market so you know whether you need to hold a little longer or if now is the best time to sell.  A home can also depreciate due to lack of maintenance, lack of upgrades over long periods and bad choices when it comes to upgrades/updates.

Such a nuanced question as it will depend on many things. Some of these things won’t even have anything to do with the home, like Location, Location, Location.  For example, one of the original Longmont Colorado homes around Main Street may always be worth more than a new build on the outskirts because the land it sits on is valuable.  When it comes to the actual home it will depend on the location but also the condition. You will also want to consider the age of the mechanical systems such as the air conditioner and plumbing. If the older home has had no recent updates, then a new home may be a better choice.

Fracking is always a hot button issue.  I suggest you do your own research into what fracking is and decide whether you are ok with it or if you would prefer not to have it in your own backyard.  As of right now you will find more Fracking action in Weld County then you will in Boulder County. This is due to certain rules and regulations that vary from county to county.

You will find that most homes for sale in Longmont CO are located in Boulder County.  However, there are a few neighborhoods in Longmont that are in fact, Weld County. One of the major differences when it comes to buying a home is the property taxes. Property taxes are generally higher in Boulder County. As mentioned in the above q&a question, fracking is more prevalent in Weld County due to regulations.  We did see a lot of differences between the two counties in how they handled Covid too with Weld County being more lenient.  It is a good idea to research both counties’ rules and regulations around the things that may affect your lifestlye.

If you are looking to buy a home in Frederick Colorado or anywhere surrounding Longmont Colorado, you will want to find a local mortgage lender. In general, local mortgage lenders are more efficient when it comes to getting you through the loan process.  They are also more aware of county rules and regulations and things that may affect your purchase of a home. The first step when getting a loan is a preapproval, this can take anywhere from 24 to 72 hours.  It may take a little more if you own a business or have trickier financial setups.  The loan process once you are under contract in a home generally takes between 15 – 45 days.

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