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What do they say? The only thing that stays the same is that nothing stays the same.

The housing market is no exception. Just when you think you know how the housing market is behaving, it changes!

The beginning of last year, the housing market has been red hot, reaching record levels but is that where it still is?

Here’s what you need to know about the current state of the housing market in our area, especially if you or anyone you know has been thinking of making a move. 

For Sale by Owner Firestone CO or Looking to Use a Realtor – Know the Market

In our area, we are seeing a easing of the market. 

The two main things we are seeing is, the days a home stays on the market before going under contract has increased just a tad and the number of bidding wars or offers on one home has decreased compared to earlier this year. When I say decreased, we are talking instead of 10 offers a seller may get 1-3 offers.

None of this is cause for alarm, but if you have been thinking of selling, it’s a slightly different market than it has been in the past.

The crazy high house prices and competition for homes from earlier in the year simply could not last forever (we wouldn’t want it to!). It looks like the time for change is now. 

Will This Easing of the Market Turn into a Full-on Cool Down? 

It’s hard to say at the moment. 

Partly because this time of year always sees a slight cooling.  Makes sense with busy summer months in play.  Everyone is enjoying camping, outdoor living and vacays.

But rest assured I’ll keep you updated!

All said, though, homes are still selling, just not with the same expectations or using the same strategies as earlier this year. 

You’ve just got to approach selling your home differently now vs. earlier this year. 

Strategies for Selling in a Easing Market

1. Plan Ahead

Planning for all of life’s changes is no easy feat.  But when it comes to making a big move like selling your home, you want to plan ahead.  When the market cools as it’s doing now, homes don’t “fly off the shelves” with as many offers as they did in the hotter market at the beginning of the year. 

And, now more than over the last year, it’s crucially important that your home look its best before putting it on the market to entice buyers into making their best offer possible as quickly as possible. 

Yes, it takes a little more time and effort to get a home on the market, but it’s SO worth it when it comes time for offers. 

2. Get Your Home Looking Its Best

There are slightly more homes on the market, and slightly less competition right now.  Some homes that would have sold quickly earlier this year are taking a few extra days.  Again, the market is not drastically changing but we want to always be one step ahead of it when we sell. 

Many buyers felt like they’ve been through the wringer this year and have even taken a break from looking at homes until they see one they can’t pass up.   That means if you want to sell your home quickly, you need to make it stand out and be as appealing as possible.

Sprucing up your home for sale doesn’t have to be a major financial or time investment, however.

I recommend only making the upgrades that will lead to a higher price or quicker sale.  What those items are specifically depends on your home, so if you are curious, reach out to me and I can do a walk-through to tell you what you can skip and what definitely needs to be done to have buyers feeling like your home is “the one” they can’t pass up.

3. Price Your Home Strategically

How we price homes during a slightly cooler market is very different than when we price homes during a super-hot market. 

You must strike this delicate balance of not pricing too high that it scares buyers away and you end up having to reduce the price and “chase the market down.” 

But you also don’t want to price too low, because in a cooling market, pricing too low can really backfire and you end up not getting what your home is worth because there is not the demand there to drive up the price.

Pricing in an easing or a cooling seller’s market is an art and science.  Or maybe more like Goldilocks and the three bears—it has to be just right.  

The Silver Lining

Selling a home during a cooler seller’s market can be confusing and frustrating.  What you think “should” happen doesn’t always happen.   What happened with the house down the street in the spring may not be what happens to your home right now, especially with the holiday season upon us now.

But the silver lining in all of this is—people are still buying homes and when you sell, it might be slightly easier to find your new home too.

I know how to navigate this type of market and I’d love to help you or anyone you know to get the very most for their home, no matter what the market is doing.   

If you’d like some guidance, I’d love to help.  Email me haley@youraussiegent.com to schedule a time to connect!

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