Firestone Colorado Selling Your Home

In Firestone Colorado Selling Your Home? I am here to give you some tips and tricks so that you can have a successful sale with as little hassle as possible.

Research To Do in Firestone Colorado Selling your Home

There are certain things you will want to research or have your trusted real estate agent research.

How Many Homes Are On The Market – It is a good idea to know what your competition is before going on the market. Take a look at homes in your neighborhood in surrounding areas. Get a idea of similar sized homes and what updates they have or don’t have and where there homes are priced.

What Homes Have Sold For In The Last 90 Days – Similar to above, do some research on what has sold in your local neighborhood and surrounding areas. You really want to look at homes no more than .5 a mile from your home if possible. This is what a appraiser will be looking at when your home is under contract and they come to assess your home. If there is nothing within .5 a mile within 90 days push out to 180 days within that .5 mile radius.

Homes That Have Sold and Comparing Them – When you are looking at the homes that have sold you will want to compare these things. Square Footage, Updates, Unique Features and Location within the neighborhood. All of these things effect a homes price.

How Long Homes Are Taking to Sell – Look at homes sold in Firestone and see how long in general they are taking to sell. This will give you a idea on how long it may take to sell yours.

Preparations When in Firestone Selling Your Home

When in Firestone selling your home you will want to make sure your home is marketable and ready for buyers to enjoy when they walk inside. Upfront work can save a lot of pain once you go under contract with a buyer.

Repairs and Maintenance – You know those little annoying things we all just live with. Well…. a buyer may not want to live with those. It can be as small as securing kitchen cabinets so they aren’t falling off the hinges to repairing a roof that you know is damaged. If you have outstanding repairs and maintenance that you know need to be done. Go ahead and do just that before getting your home on the market. I do want to say here that the roof is a big one. Often a roof will come up in inspection and seller will end up paying out of pocket or holding up the sale. Get your roof checked before going on the market and put in a insurance claim if need be!

Paint – Paint can make such a huge difference. If you have dark or brightly colored rooms they are not the favorite of buyers. Yes this is such a simple thing they can do themselves but sometimes buyers have trouble seeing past things. It is easier to just paint before going on the market. Keep the same if not similar color palette throughout your home. Make sure the paint is light and bright.a

Declutter – I love my spoon and beer tacker collection but I also understand it can be distracting. It is also stopping my home from looking as big and bright as it can. Pack away anything that you won’t need over the next few months. You can store boxes in the garage or in a storage unit.

Curb Appeal – Look at your curb appeal with a critical eye. Does your outside need some sprucing up? Would some lawn care and a couple of pots of flowers help. Would painting your front door a bright and appealing color make your home stand out? Small changes to your curb appeal can make a big difference.

Smells – If you have had animals in your home, especially ones with bladder issues, deal with the smell. Cigarette smoke is another big no no. Change carpets and hire an ozone machine from home depot. Smells can decrease the price you get for your home by A LOT. They can leave your home stigmatized and sitting on the market.

Choosing the Right Partner

If you are thinking of doing a for sale by owner in Firestone, check this out! If not you will want to find the right realtor partner. Make sure you choose someone that either lives in the area or knows the area very well. A realtor that has experience selling homes will be your best bet. Ask them for sales, reviews and what they will do to market your home. Having a strong partner in Firestone Colorado Selling Your Home can make all the difference.

I would love to be that partner! Reach out to me today and let’s get your home prepped and ready!

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