Cheapest City in Colorado to Buy A House

Cheapest place in colorado to buy a home

Looking for the cheapest city in Colorado to Buy a House? You are not alone. As Colorado’s housing market has taken off, house prices are darn high. It is hard to find affordable housing especially if you are looking to live close to Denver or one of the other major areas like Fort Collins, Boulder (Not cheap at all) or even Colorado Springs.

The team over at housingsnacks.com put together a great article comparing wages using what they call their Saturday Night Science. This includes Transparency, Trust, Data and Timeliness. Sounds perfect for housing data right?

They looked at median house cost, median income and median cost of living. Keep this in mind when checking out this article because while it may not have the cheapest house prices, it is the most affordable according to those 3 parameters.

Cheapest City in The Denver Metro Area to Buy a House

Not only is the winner the cheapest city in Colorado to Buy a House. It is also the cheapest in the Denver Metro Area. The Winner is….

Federal Heights

Yep, Federal Heights. Federal Heights is a smaller area that is for sure. Many of the neighborhoods are manufactured homes but there are some gems hidden in the area with big yards and decent sized homes. Federal Heights is just 15 minutes into downtown Denver with easy access on I-25.

Now for the numbers:

  • Median Home Price: $401,479
  • Median Income: $56,316
  • Median Rent: $1516

Now while this may not sound cheap it is pretty affordable for the Denver Metro area.

Other Places Outside of Denver Metro You May Want to Consider

If you can work remote with a good income and are looking for homes that are cheaper then $400,000, here are some other areas you may want to check out:

  • La Mar – $167,777
  • La Junta – $154,737
  • Fort Morgan – $318,927
  • Sterling – $239,066
  • Pueblo – $286,233
  • Alamosa – $284,458
  • Trinidad – $242,035
  • Brush – $289,894
  • Cortez – $301,599

If you are thinking of moving to Colorado and would like to explore any of these places, let’s chat more! Contact me at info@haleybartlett.com

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