Affordable Homes in Firestone Colorado

If you are looking for affordable homes in Firestone Colorado you may want to focus your search here.

Located between McClure Avenue, Colorado Boulevard, Grant Avenue and Frontier Street are three neighborhoods rolled into one that are worth exploring. These affordable homes in Firestone Colorado range from $335,000 – $500,000. At the lower end of the budget you will get a smaller home that likely needs work as you climb higher to that $500,000 you are looking at bigger homes with more updates.

What Neighborhoods are these Affordable Homes in Firestone In?

The three neighborhoods that kind of blend seamlessly are:

Overlook at Firestone
Firestone Villas
Old Town Firestone, Firestone Town or Town Firestone (Depending on how the realtor put it in the system)

Within these neighborhoods there are townhomes, villas and single family homes. You will also find larger lots, tree lined streets, wider streets and open spaces behind and around some homes.

Location, Location, Location

Not only are these some of the most affordable homes in Firestone but they are also some of the most well located homes.

Within walking distance you will find all that you need. This includes, Frederick Highschool, Thunder Valley K-8, Downtown Frederick, Old Firestone, Safeway and surrounding shops, Frederick Rec Area and walking trails, Churches and other local businesses. You are also close to our 2 golf courses in the area.

There is a general void of public transport within the Carbon Valley area so definitely keep that in mind. However, as you can see walking places is easy.

You will also get to enjoy all of the annual festivities and parades between Frederick and Firestone.

The Downsides of This Area

With older neighborhood comes older homes. Unless you are getting one of the remodeled or slightly newer homes at the top of the range, you can expect repairs.

There is no HOA in Old Firestone but the other 2 neighborhoods do have HOA’s.

If you don’t like a lot of traffic a couple of times a year then you may want to avoid this area. The 4th of July event is one that brings a lot of cars to these neighborhoods. There are also parts of Old Firestone that are on more heavily trafficked streets.

Old Firestone with no HOA also has a lot more cars out on streets then some other neighborhoods in the area.

Overall I walk these neighborhoods with my dog and feel safe. Have never had an issue and enjoy the tree lined streets in the Summer months.

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