Advice on Moving to Colorado. Advice from someone that has lived here 12 years

advice on moving to Colorado

Here is Advice on Moving to Colorado. Advice from someone that has now lived here 12 years.

After this being such a hit on my instagram over at @haleybartlettyouraussieagent, I figured why not expand on the topic in my blog.

So for what it is worth here is my advice from someone that has lived in Colorado for 12 years now.

First, I am going to come right out with it. Yes, I am obviously not a native. For those of you that haven’t dug too deep, yet you may wonder why that is worthy of a mention. Well, being a native is a big deal around here. So much so you will see native license plates, realtors touting their nativeness and natives attacking others on social for moving here.

So, thank you to all of those that made me feel welcome living here. I like to think of myself and everyone else as a resident of the world. No one owns any state or place and that means you have the wonderful right to live where you want to live.

Second, I think having lived in a different country, different state and different places throughout Colorado gives me a more openminded perspective. So, without much further ado here is my Advice on Moving to Colorado.

Moving to Colorado? Advice from Someone that has lived here 12 Years

Drink Lots of Water and Get at least one Humidifier – The air is super dry here and you are going to need to stay hydrated. Add that we live at altitude and that water is going to help you with headaches, dizziness and other things that can come with altitude sickness. You will at least want a humidifier in your bedroom!

Sunscreen Up in the Summer – Living at altitude we are also closer to the sun. I have always been sunsafe and have still had precancerous cells show up on my face. Wear sunscreen and a hat and even protective clothing. The sun can be vicious!

Weed is Legal – You probably already know this one. I still get shocked sometimes though when I walk past a house and you can smell it so strong coming from the home.

The Beer is Good – We have so many great craft breweries throughout the whole state! From great sours to IPA’s to German style beers, whatever you prefer you will find it in Colorado.

Housing Costs More than Most Expect – Many people want to move here then realize how much everything costs. It is more expensive here. I get why natives feel like this is everyone’s fault that has moved here but this happens all over the world. It can bring some positives too.

Mountains – The mountains are beautiful here. Get out and explore them. While a lot of areas can be crowded, you can still find quiet spaces to enjoy the vistas.

Traffic Sucks – Around our cities and up I-70 you are going to run into traffic. There really is no rush hour here anymore. It seems to be all the time and weekends can be worse!

Living in the Mountains – So many people come here wanting to live in the mountains. Yes, they are beautiful and the thought of living in all that green is well perfect. But, before you jump in. You should also think about well water, septic tanks, wildfire risks, wild animals and the insurance that comes with the wildfire risks. Oh and the copious amounts of snow that can fall in the winter.

Active People – There are a ton of active people in Colorado. I mean why wouldn’t there be. We enjoy bike and walking trails, lakes for SUP’ing in, hiking trails and plenty of other recreational opportunities.

Sunshine – There is plenty of it. You will love the winter days feeling warmer than they are and your skin melting in the Summer.

The People – Don’t let the online warriors scare you away. Most people in Colorado are friendly and easy to get along with. The keyboard warriors do come out in full force though. Especially when you mention people moving to Colorado.

Still Thinking of Moving to Colorado?

I hope my Advice on Moving to Colorado helped. If you need help making the moving or deciding if the move is right for you, I am here to help. If I don’t work the area you are looking to move to, I know great agents all over the state that can help! Email me at info@haleybartlett.com and let’s chat more.

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