5 Things People Forget to Do When Selling Their Home

5 Things people forget to do when selling their home

Want buyers to make offers on your home? You need to know about these 5 Things People Forget to Do When Selling Their Home.

Why These 5 Things are Important!

When it comes to selling your home, you want buyers to stay right? You don’t want them fleeing and running to the next house the first second they get. No that is no good. That will not help you sell your home.

What you want is for buyers to feel invited in from the very first second they pull up. You want them to linger. You want them to imagine themselves living in the home. Offers, you also want offers. If your home is not inviting and scares buyers away, then only you lose in the end.

The 5 Things People Forget to Do When Selling Their Home

To get buyers to stay there are 5 things you can do to help them feel like your home might be the one!

  1. Shine Up That Curb Appeal

    Curb appeal is oh so important but often forgotten. Sellers just run out of time, say stuff it, and put the house on the market anyway. Think about it though…. The front of your home is usually the first thing people see. If your home looks rough and ready in the front yard, buyers may just assume the rest of the home is not maintained well. Instead, you want the front of the home to be well maintained, cheery and inviting.
  2. Be Flexible with Showing Times

    You might work from home, or you have pets. You need to make a sacrifice though while your home is on the market. These means working from a coworking space or coffee shop. It might mean taking a break and walking the dog or sending your sweet pet off to pet day care. Being as open as possible with showing times will help you sell your home quicker. Open your house up and get is sold sooner.
  3. Prepare for the Big Inspection Day

    As an agent I see things come up over and over again on inspection. These are mainly simple things but can give a feeling that the home is not maintained. I am talking things like having your HVAC cleaned and serviced by a professional, changing out light bulbs that are flickering or dead or recaulking shower areas. Now, if you have big items that need fixing, those need to be dealt with too. If you can’t afford to deal with them price your home accordingly and be upfront in disclosures about them.
  4. Deal with the Smells

    We do become blind to our own home smells. If you smoke in the home, your pets have pee’d or you have had moisture issues, these are all warning signs to buyers. An ozone machine and some kilz paint may be in order. Don’t try and mask smells with strong candles or plug ins, it often makes it worse. Deal with the bigger issues. Small things like cooking a curry or strong-smelling dish or forgetting to empty the diaper genie can cause issues too. Neutralize smells, open windows, and use essential oils.
  5. Maximize Natural Light

    Buyers run from dark houses. I don’t know how many times i have walked into blinds closed, heavy curtains and the buyer says, “It’s dark in here”. It may not even be dark, but the sellers haven’t thought about it. Take heavy curtains down and open blinds. Those are two of the simplest things you can do. For additional light clean windows and take off screens temporarily. Remove things sitting on the windows such as a tall plant. Let the light shine in!

Selling Your Home in Colorado

If you are selling your home in Colorado don’t forget these 5 things! Reach out to me if I can be of assistance, I would love to help!

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